Pink Princess Candy Bark

Pretty pink chocolate bark

In our house there is a lot of pink! It’s just me and my daughter, which means girl time all the time. Ok she’s not just into the girl stuff she also is obsessed with Star Wars. Dresses, pink, and Star Wars, they go together in our house. We also love princesses and dress up. Really pink candy can be used for anything girl. For kids and adults, I know a few adults that still love their pink princesses! We made this simple pink princess candy bark that anyone can make. It was half me and half my daughter and she is five. You may be able to tell what parts are her because of the excessive amount of sprinkles but it all looks so pretty. There just aren’t enough pink desserts out there. We had to change that.

Princess candy bark materials

What you need to make princess candy bark:

2 colors of candy melts I did light and dark pink. Pink and white or pink would work too. You can also add another color if desired.

At least 2 kinds of pink sprinkles I did pink sanding sugar for some shine and light pink candy pearls. If you have small kids the candy pearls are a bit hard for chewing. You can add pink sixlets, pink star sprinkles, pink hearts and any kind of pink sprinkles! Give me all the pink sprinkles!

Line tray with parchment paper Light and dark pink spots of candy melts make swirls with a knife

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and put large blobs of on color of the candy melts spread out a bit. Then repeat with the other color filling in the empty spaces. Spread the candy out towards the edges with a spoon. Then take a knife or toothpick and move it back and forth from the top all the way down to the bottom. Try not to over blend the colors so they have some contrast. That is why it is important to spread the candy melts out on the cookie sheet a bit before swirling. Adding white candy melts would also bring some nice dimension. You can do one color first and then smaller blobs on top of the other color. There really is no right or wrong way to make it because it is so simple. Although with my daughter helping we may have overswirled/blended. She’s just an enthusiastic helper!

pink sanding sugar Pink sugar pearls

Shake on the sprinkles. Once again some add them more spread out and others like to go wild. Add as little or as many as you like but it is nice to have a variety of pink sprinkles.

Break apart all of the bark

Let it dry completely, this should take less than an hour. Then break it apart into smaller pieces. Then you are done!

candy bark in pink Candy bark made for a princess swirly pink princess bark

candy barkPink Princess Candy Bark! This easy dessert is fun for princess parties and for girlie girls. Simple to make and kids can help out. Pink Princess Candy Bark! This dessert is so simple to make for a princess party, fun with kids or for any girly girl. No baking involved!

Pretty pink princess candy bark! It’s simple as that!



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