Pipe Cleaner Crowns

pipe cleaner crowns with different designs

It’s amazing the things you can make with just pipe cleaners. I love doing pipe cleaner crafts with my daughter because they are simple and don’t leave a big mess to clean up. I also like glitter crafts but I always know that I will be cleaning it up for a week. These sparkly pipe cleaners give you that shine without all the mess. We made these cute pipe cleaner crowns in different shapes so it is also a learning craft. You could use all the different shapes on the same crown too! My daughter was partial to the heart crown because she loves hearts. I love the blue one with the circles. I chose the sparkle pipe cleaners but you could do solid colors without sparkle. Crowns can work for boys and girls for the little princes, princesses, queens and kings. Any way you make them they are super simple to make.

What you need to make the pipe cleaner crowns:

pipe cleaners in any colors(you need 3 or 4 for each crown)

scissors(you might not even need these!)

That is all you need!

pipe cleaners twist pipe cleaners twist together

Take two pipe cleaners. Wrap them together on one side and then wrap the other sides together forming a circle.

fold pipe cleaners up and down twist pipe cleaner on one end of circle continue to wrap it around secure in place

Take two pipe cleaners. Fold them up and down in a zig zag pattern or make triangles. Since I was doing this with my daughter they are all a little uneven and that’s part of the fun. Wrap on end around the side of the circle pipe cleaners. Then wrap the triangles up and down around the crown so the bottom part goes in on the inside and up around the outside. Repeat with all of the triangles then wrap around the ends.

make a small v wrap around the bottom wrap the hearts together wrap the hearts around the circle pipe cleaners.

Like with the silver repeat the same process to get the circle base. For the hearts you will need two pipe cleaners. Take a pipe cleaner on one end towards the end squeeze a small piece, about 1/4 inch, together making a little v shape. Make sure there is a piece on both sides that’s 3 times as long then wrap both sides together on the bottom creating a little heat shape. Each pipe cleaner will make two hearts. I used two pipe cleaners with the two hearts right next to each other and wrapped the bottom on both sides around the circle base.

large circle and small circles piece wrap the looped piece around circle cut pipe cleaner in half make two loops add to both sides of crown

For the blue one I took a pipe cleaner and made five small loops with the center one slightly bigger. Then I twisted the ends around the circle base. I made it in a half circle shape with the middle slightly arched up. I took another pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Made two loops on each half and wrapped them around the circle base on both sides of the five looped piece.

sparkle pipe cleaner crowns simple pipe cleaner crowns pipe cleaner crown in sparkly blue heart pipe cleaner crown silver crown made of pipe cleaners simple sparkle heart crown with pipe cleaners heart sparkle pipe cleaner crown Pipe Cleaner Crowns are a simple craft for the little princess or prince. Also a fun party craft for kids and all you need to make them are pipe cleaners!

My model looks super cute with those crowns on and we had a great time making them! Although I did notice she has a little something that looks like chocolate on her face. I swear whenever I wipe off her face I somehow miss half of it. Cute little chocolate face!


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