Dollar Store DIY Pumpkin Serving Tray

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Pumpkin dollar store serving tray

It doesn’t exactly feel like fall yet but I am ready for fall. That is why I need to start the fall crafts to at least pretend like fall is approaching. I live in Phoenix and we don’t really have a fall but I love all the fall pumpkin decorations. This diy pumpkin serving tray is made with dollar store materials and so easy to put together. It is perfect for serving food at a fall party or for Thanksgiving! You can also put fall scented candles on top or other fall decorations. It’s versatile and I just love how it turned out. The only thing I didn’t get at the dollar store is the paint. I used some copper paint I already had. Craft stores, Amazon, Target or Walmart have a variety of cheap shimmery paints. I love how the copper worked out because it blended well with the orange and I didn’t have to add too much paint.

materials for pumpkin serving tray

Materials for the Pumpkin Tray:

Medium sized foam pumpkin

silver or solid color serving plate

glue gun

copper paint(or any color you want)

paint brush

paint pumpkin

  1. Remove the top stem part of the pumpkin
  2. Paint the pumpkin
  3. Let the pumpkin dryadd hot glue press tray on top
  4. Put hot glue around the top of the pumpkin on the highest part
  5. Press the serving plate firmly on top of the pumpkin. Make sure the pumpkin is centered underneath.
  6. If you want a larger/taller tray add another tray and pumpkin underneath.

diy-pumpkin-serving-tray DIY Pumpkin serving tray for fall parties or Thanksgivingserving-trays-made-with-dollar-store-pumpkins

Tada! So simple to make these diy pumpkin serving trays! The bottom turquoise pumpkin my daughter painted and she’s five. She’s my little crafty helper :). I wanted to show the different ways you can put them together to make it taller and tiered for serving food. I probably would put another coat of paint with a bright color but I like the idea of using bright colors too. You can really do any colors or combinations for your party colors. White serving plates and silver pumpkins would also be really pretty!

Dollar Store DIY Pumpkin Serving Tray


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pumpkin centerpiece


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