Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece


It is looking like fall y’all! Ok not outside but inside my place I am getting ready for fall. Who else is ready for fall?! I made these simple dollar store pumpkin centerpieces to celebrate the season. The bottom pumpkins were ugly as is and needed a bit of painting. I was really impressed with their selection of fake flowers. You could paint the pumpkin any color you want and use any color flowers. It just depends on your color preference. I like the idea of¬†bright color pumpkins with white flower. This time around I decided to go with more fall type colors which is very unlike me. I tend to steer away from traditional but I’m happy I went with orange and copper! Love the shiny color on the pumpkin. The only thing I didn’t get from the dollar store is paint. Walmart, Target or Michael’s have a ton of paint colors for reasonable prices. For one centerpiece, even two you can buy a small paint bottle.

What you need to make the fall pumpkin centerpiece:

paint in your choice of color(I chose copper) and paint brush

foam dollar store pumpkin

fake flowers

hot glue gun

paint pumpkin

  1. Paint the pumpkin and let it dry. glue flowerspress flowers firmly on topglue more flowers
  2. Put hot glue on the top of the pumpkin in one spot.
  3. Press a fake flower firmly down on top of the hot glue.
  4. Put more glue next to the first flower.
  5. Add another flower on top of the hot glue.
  6. Continue until the top is filled up (I used 3 flowers per pumpkin).

imgp3328 fall dollar store pumpkin centerpiece pumpkin centerpiece for fall

I love these fall centerpieces! My daughter did the one with the bright color. I like the bright color look, just add an extra coat of paint. I love how she helps out and she wanted hers in her room for decoration! It’s really fun having a daughter that loves crafts as much as I do.



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