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marshmallow emoji game

Emoji parties are really popular right now for all ages. I think all ages really like emojis and would love an emoji party. Here are some easy emoji party games that are fun and simple to put together. I put some together with materials I had around the house. If you have some cups, marshmallows, balloons, lemons and paper plates you can make some emoji games! Different ages might find different games appealing but there is something for everyone. I know emojis parties are popular for the teens and they are a tricky group to find games for. I suggest 2 games for parties to add a little extra fun but not over schedule the party time. These easy emojis party games are perfect for last minute games that will please a crowd.

    1. Emoji cup marshmallow toss game. Have cups lined up on two sides of a long table top. Draw emoji faces on yellow cups or wrap yellow paper around cups then draw emojis on the cups. One person or team tosses marshmallows into the other teams cups. Who ever makes all of the marshmallows in the cups first wins. Each team has to eat the marshmallows that are in their cups at the end. You can take away cups each time someone gets one in. Otherwise you can have a certain number of marshmallows to throw and who ever gets the most in any of the cups wins. Yes, sort of like beer pong but with marshmallows and emoji cups.
    2. Emoji plate frizbee toss. I used a cake plate with yellow paper glued to it for this and a winking emoji drawn on.  but yellow plates with emoji faces drawn on work too and would be easier. Who ever tosses the frizbee the farthest wins. You can use masking tape with initials written on them to mark who throws the frizbee the farthest.
    3. Emoji paper airplanes with yellow paper and faces drawn on. Same as the frizbee whoever gets the plane the farthest wins.
    4. Lemon game. Draw emoji faces on the lemons. You can do a hot potato game with the lemons and some music. Whoever has the lemon when the music stops is out, until you have a winner. You can also have teams pass the lemon without using their hands. Who ever passes it the fastest wins.
    5. Twister. With a regular twister game tape on shapes for a couple emoji faces. This is an easy way to add to a classic game and who doesn’t love twister?!
    6. Emoji Balloon games. See how to make emoji balloons here. Balloons are fun for decorations and games! People can try to pop the other persons balloon and who ever pops it first wins. Balloon volleyball is also a fun balloon game, you can use streamers for the net. Balloon tennis with plates as rackets is another easy game to play with emoji balloons.
    7. Emoji water balloons. I find that water balloon fights are always a hit. Draw some emojis on the water balloons and you have an easy game. This game is best for summer parties when people are in swimsuits.
    8. Pinata! I think pinatas are always a hit at parties and you can’t go wrong with an emoji pinata.

Emoji Party Game ideas

You will need some Emoji Cupcakes for your party!

fun emoji cupcake toppers

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