DIY Santa Gift Bags

Santa kisses gift bag

Santa’s coming, Santa’s coming, I know him! I still love Santa and the magic that comes with Santa around Christmas. My daughter believes still and I will keep that going as long as I can. Santa brings presents so why not bring presents to others dressed up as Santa or bring some Santa “kisses”. This DIY Santa gift bags are perfect for school class gifts, gifts to friends or Christmas parties. You can get creative with what you put inside these cute gift bags! It doesn’t just have to be candy, although Hershey Kisses work well for the Santa kisses. I made easy Santa belts to go on the bags. You can use both the gift tag and Santa. You could also pick one or the other depending on your preference.

What you need to make them:

small red paper gift bags

white cardstock paper

black paper

gold shiny cardstock paper

gold curling ribbon


hole punch and ribbon(for the tags)

double sided tape or glue

cut black paper cut hole in gold paper glue or tape on

For the Santa belts. Cut strips of black paper about 1 inch thick. Hold a strip up to the bag and cut off any extra that hangs over the side.Cut 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 squares(slightly longer than the black piece) of gold paper. Cut out a small square in the middle. Gold glitter cardstock paper would be ideal because this shimmery kind showed imperfections really easily but it still works. Glue or tape the pieces of paper on to the bags before filling them up.

fill bags

Fill bags with tissue paper and candy, small toys, stickers, or other small goodies. Make sure to leave some room at the top to fold it over. Once filed fold over the top and tape it down.

punch hole in bag tie on ribbon and gift tag

For the gift tags print out printable gift tags. Punch a hole in the top of the folded over part of the bag as well as in the top of the gift tag. Then tie on with curling ribbon.

tape or glue back attach to bag

For the Santa add double sided tape or glue to the back of the bottom part of the head(since the top part will be slightly above the bag). Then press it firmly onto the bag with the beard on the bag and the hat part above.

Santa kisses gift bag diyKisses Santa gift bag diySanta gift bags with free printableGift bag Santa diy easy cute Santa gift bags

I think these gift bags are so adorable, I can’t imagine any kid or adult not loving them!

Get the free printables below:



DIY Santa Gift Bags with free printables

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