Free Snapchat Party Printables

Snapchat Party Printables

I am finally in to Snapchat. Not really using it to it’s full ability but I love playing around with the filters with my daughter! She’s a fan of the puppy one and I love the flower crown one. The classic puking rainbow one is always a fun one! Emoji parties have been popular for a while but I have a feeling Snapchat party themes are going to be huge soon. If they are not a thing yet lets make them happen with all of these fun party printables! These printables go well with bright color decorations such as pink, blue or yellow. You could really get creative with the colors you use with them. The printables have yellow, pink, and dark blue.

making banner centerpieces

Print out all of the printables you want. For the banner, after cutting out the pieces, punch holes in the top left and right side. String through curling or other ribbon. For the centerpieces cut out the large circles. Cut bamboo skewers in half or use paper straws. Tape the skewers or straws to the back of circles in the middle. You can also use the large circles for hanging decorations.

snapchat cupcake toppers snapchat filter cupcake topperssnapchat gift tags

The small circles can be used for cupcake toppers or gift tags. For the toppers you just need to tape toothpicks to the back of the circle, make sure most of the toothpick is below the circle to go into the cupcake. For the gift tags you need a hole punch and some ribbon to tie onto gift bags.

imgp4187 centerpieces for snapchat party snapchat filter decorationsimgp4211 Snapchat party decorations free printables

These Snapchat party printables are so fun for a Snapchat inspired party!. I know a lot of Snapchat obsessed people who would love this party theme. You can use any or all of the decorations for your party.

For the Party Banner CLICK HERE

For the cupcake toppers and gift tags CLICK HERE

For the centerpieces CLICK HERE

For the party sign CLICK HERE

Free Snapchat Party Printables

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