Santa Hat Christmas Game

Santa Hat Snowball Christmas Game

I know it is not quite Christmas yet…OK it’s not even Halloween but the craft stores have all of the Christmas fun out! I spend too much time in craft stores and have been brainwashed into getting ready for Christmas crazy early. I can’ help it though, I love Christmas! I saw some Santa hats and I thought they would be fun for a game, then I thought of this catch the snowballs in Santa hats Christmas game. It is really fun but be warned your kids will want to play it over and over again! Since we don’t get real snow this close enough for us. It is also a fun game to play inside when there is too much real snow and it is too cold to play outside.

throw snow balls catch snow balls in a santa hat Christmas game!

How to play:

What you need:

Santa hats

cotton balls or large pom pom craft balls. I think the large ones are good for the littler kids but the cotton balls can be more challenging.

You need at least two people but more is fun too. There are a couple ways to play. One way is have one thrower and one catcher. The thrower can have 10 snowball(cotton balls or large pom pom craft balls). The catcher holds out the santa hat and the thrower tries to get the “snowballs” into the hat. Whoever gets the most in wins!

If you have more than one catchers and more than one santa hat. The thrower can throw a couple at a time in the direction of the catchers and they can try to catch them by moving around to where the snowballs are. It’s kind of fun to throw a few or a bunch at a time. Then whoever catches the most wins.

This game is fun for so many ages because the little ones like my daughter and niece stand fairly close together when playing. Older kids can stand far apart and make it more challenging. You can play with at first just throwing one at a time. Then have a round of “snow storm” where a bunch are throw at once and you see how many you can catch in a 30 second time period. You might need a couple packages of balls for that but it is really fun!

snowballs Santa Hat Christmas game with kids

Then at the end you can have a fun pretend snowball fight!

Santa Hat Christmas Game. Throw "snowballs" into the santa hat.

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