Simple Turkey Chocolate Pretzels

Turkey chocolate covered pretzels

When it comes to Thanksgiving desserts I definitely always have to have some pie. It’s not my favorite dessert ever but it’s a Thanksgiving tradition. My daughter on the other hand will not touch pie unless maybe it is chocolate and has tons of whipped cream piled on top. I also add an excessive amount of whipped cream, it runs in the family. I wanted to make a simple Thanksgiving treat that my daughter would eat and could help make. These turkey chocolate pretzels were the perfect Thanksgiving treat for her! She helped with dipping the pretzels in the chocolate and putting on the faces. I like to make a fast dessert that doesn’t require a lot of patience to make. My 5 year old has more patience than some kids but that still is not a lot.

What you need to make these cute turkey chocolate pretzels:

pretzel rods

orange candy melts

brown chocolate candy melts

brown mini M&Ms or candy eyes

orange heart sprinkles

parchment paper

orange melts spread out candy melts make a fan shape with orange melts

Melt the orange candy melts according to the package. Take a spoon and make an oval shape with the candy melts. Continue to make more ovals of candy melts next to each other into a half circle, it should make a fan shape.

dip pretzel in chocolate put pretzel on orange melts put orange sprinkle for the mouth

Dip a pretzel rod into a small cup of the melted brown candy melts. If you want more of the pretzel covered use a tall glass filled with the candy melts. Add a heart sprinkle for the mouth and mini M&Ms for the eyes or candy eyes.

turkey pretzel pops cute turkey chocolate covered pretzel fun chocolate turkey pretzels

They are just adorable! My daughter also added some of our Halloween sprinkles and I think they are a nice touch! You can add orange sprinkles or any other sprinkles you like. I love when people get creative with their dessert crafts.

Simple Turkey Chocolate Pretzels



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