Candy Cane Snowmen

Snowman candy canes

I always want to hand out little gifts for the holidays. I’m not usually a candy cane person but you have to have a candy cane around Christmas! I found these Starburst candy canes and had to try them out. They are tasty and they look really cute as snowmen! Candy cane snowmen are even cuter than the candy cane reindeer. They are fun to hand out to friends or in kids classes. Dress them up with a little scarf or ear muffs! Some I made with faces, others without, either way I think they look adorable.

materials for cute candy cane

What you need to make them:

candy canes

mini pom pom balls in red and green

white pom pom balls

orange and black paper

hole puncher


add glue to pom pom attach to candy cane add another pom pom

  1. Add hot glue to the top and around the side of a white pom pom craft ball.
  2. Press the glue part firmly underneath the curved part of the candy cane.
  3. Add glue to the top of and around the side of a second pom pom. Add it right below the other pom pom on the candy cane. add small green craft balls add ear muffs
  4. Add two small pom poms for buttons on the bottom white pom pom ball.
  5. Then add red pom pom balls to both sides next to the white pom pom on the candy cane. hole punches
  6. Punch out black and orange paper for the face.

Snowmen candy cane diy cute candy cane snowmen Candy Cane Snowman Gifts DIY Snowman candy canes Red and green snowmen candy canes

Some of them have ribbon for scarves. For those add one pom pom above and one below the curved part of the candy canes. First tie a piece of ribbon off to one side and glue it on the other side to keep it in place. I like having a variety of ones with the scarves and ear muffs. Also having some with faces and some without can save some time. I love how cute these little guys turned out!

Candy Cane Snowmen


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