Christmas Wine Gifts

Santa wines

For the kids I have candy canes and for the adults I have dressed up wine bottles! These are fun for parties or to hand out to friends for gifts. You can’t go wrong with the gift of wine. I decorated little bottles but you can do the same thing for larger bottles of wine. Santa’s helpers might need a little wine around the holidays. You can serve these for holiday parties or bring them to a holiday party for a host gift. Make the Santa or reindeer wines.

materials for reindeer wine

What you need to make the reindeer:

brown or gold pipe cleaners

plastic googly eyes

red pom pom balls

double sided tape or hot glue

wrap pipe cleaner around fold up pipe cleaner add eyes and nose

  1. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the wine bottle. Twist it in back
  2. Fold down 1 inch on one side then fold that piece up making a v shape.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. tape or glue on red pom pom in the middle for the nose. Then the googly eyes right above the nose.

Santa wine

What you need to make the Santa bottles:

Gold pipe cleaners

white small pom pom balls

red paper

black paper

  1. Cut a piece of red paper wide enough to cover the wine label and wrap around the back.
  2. Take hot glue and put it on one side of the red paper then wrap that side around the wine bottle.
  3. Take a one inch wide piece of black paper. Put a dot of glue on the back of the wine bottle in the middle and wrap the black paper around the red paper.
  4. Glue a square of the gold pipe cleaner in the middle of the black paper.
  5. Add a hat with red paper and pom poms if you want.

wine bottle gifts for christmas Santa wine bottle gifts Reindeer wine bottle gifts Reindeer and Santa wine bottle gifts

You can make a variety of Christmas wine bottles or just one kind. They are really easy to make and fun for holiday parties!

Christmas Wine Gifts

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