Easy Mini Winter Treats

Edible snow village

I love winter time when it snows and the trees are covered with snow. It is the best and of course building snowmen! Last year we went up north to Flagstaff to the snow, I live in Phoenix and we have to drive a little bit to get to the snow. When we were there it snowed like crazy. My daughter absolutely loved the snow! We tried to build snowmen but we could not get the snow to roll into a big ball. I don’t know if my snowman building skills are rusty or if the snow was just too fresh. To celebrate winter coming I made some easy mini winter treats. Sort of a mini snow village with mini snowmen and winter trees. These winter treats turned out adorable. They were also incredibly tasty, Reese’s are my favorite. No baking involved here and really fun to make with kids.

What you need to make these:

mini white chocolate reeses

pretzel sticks

white candy melts

mini M&Ms

black writing icing

parchment paper

line up pretzels

Break pretzel sticks in half and line them up on parchment paper either on a baking sheet or large plate.

drizzle candy make v pointing downward

Melt white candy melts according to the package. Put candy melts in a candy bottle, piping bag, or use a small spoon. Make a downward facing v shape slightly above the bottom of the pretzel with the melted candy melts.

continue right above fill up hole pretzel sprinkle with sugar press bottom into reeses

Continue to make the downward v shapes working your way up to the top of the pretzels. Sprinkle sugar over them. Let them dry. Once the winter trees are dry take a mini Reese’s and flip it over. Stick the tree into the Reese’s for it to stand up.

edible winter trees

Cute winter trees!

mini m&m for nose stick in pretzel arms black dots for the eyes

With the melted white candy melts put a dot on the middle of a mini white chocolate Reese’s. Put a mini orange M&M on top of the melted chocolate. In another of the mini Reese’s break off two small pieces of pretzel sticks and put it onto both sides pointing slightly up. Don’t push in too hard because it can smush the Reese’s. Make two small dost for the eyes above the orange M&M. Then make two dots on top of one another for the buttons. Let everything dry.

melted chocolate on unmelted white melt put the body on top

Put some melted chocolate on top of an unmelted candy melt. Then put the body on top of it. Put a little bit of melted chocolate on top of the body then gently put the head on top. Let everything dry before moving or serving them.

cute mini snow treats Tiny winter snow village treats mini winter tree desserts mini winter snow candySnow globe with winter snow treats

This is the cutest little snow village I have ever seen! You can put a couple under a round glass vase to look like a snow globe then serve the rest around them. These little winter treats are the easiest to make and perfect for a winter celebration!

Easy Mini Winter Treats

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