Simple Bow Christmas Wreath

Gold Bow Wreath

Since it is November that means time to get ready for Christmas! Does everyone get ready in November or is it just me? Thanksgiving is fun but lets get real the decorations can’t compare to Christmas! Put on some Christmas music and start the Christmas decorating projects. This Christmas bow wreath is incredibly easy to make and looks really pretty. You can make it with any color of bows. Traditional red, green, or gold like I did. This wreath is on the small side, but you can make it even bigger and fuller. This one is just one row of bows. If you get a large bag of bows you can make two rows for a large wreath. The large bag of bows was $5 and I used a cake plate that I had for the base. Such an easy do it yourself project for Christmas. This would be a fun easy project to make with a group of friends.

What you need to make it:

large bag of present bows(gold or other colors) I got mine from Michael’s

large round cake plate, cardboard box, or wreath foam

hot glue gun

cut circle shape with hole in the middle

Take a cake plate or cardboard box and cut a circle out in the middle. I used a circle cutter but you can trace around a circle plate. Cut out with scissors or a circle cutter. If you are using a foam wreath skip this step.

add on bows glue bows next to each other fill the cardboard with bows

Put hot glue on the back sticky part of the bows. Glue on bows in a row around in a circle covering the cardboard or foam. The foam might give it more of a full look but I still think it turned out great with just a cardboard base. For a large wreath continue with another row of bows.

Bow wreath with gold bows shiny Christmas bow wreath Simple wreath made with bows

There you have it a simple Christmas bow wreath you can make with no mess or fuss. You can also use bows to make garlands and other easy decorations.

Simple Bow Christmas Wreath



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