Trolls Cupcake Wrappers

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Trolls cupcake wrappers

My daughter has been excited for the Trolls movie to come out for the past couple months. Any time we see a preview she gets really excited. I also want to see this movie because it has Trolls duh! Plus, I love the theme song and love me some Justin Timberlake. I made these printable Trolls cupcake wrappers inspired by the movie. They can be use for parties or a fun treat before going to see the movie. You can also put cotton candy in cupcake wrappers with the Trolls wrappers for troll hair.

What you need to print them: A color printer and white cardstock paper.

Print out the wrappers and cut them out. Tape or glue the tab in back of the wrappers.  It should overlap slightly. Then place cupcakes in the wrappers. If you are transferring the cupcakes you might want to set up the wrappers where you want and then put the cupcakes in the wrappers.

cute troll cupcakes with printable wrappers printable girl and boy troll inspired cupcakes girl troll printable cupcake wrapper boy troll printable cupcake wrappers fun troll free printable cupcake wrapper

For the hair I spread on the frosting and moved the frosting up with a fork. I like this style for the hair but you could use a star tip. You could use a thick tip and just frost around in a circular motion. The key is to just have a lot of frosting, that is always the key to frosting cupcakes! Pink frosting for the girl ones and chocolate frosting for the boy ones. Kids will seriously love these cupcakes. Adult might love them too.

Get the free printable wrappers CLICK HERE

Free Printable Trolls Cupcake Wrappers

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