Trolls Party Games and Activites

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15 Troll Movie Party Games and Activities

15 fun trolls party games and activities!

We are really excited for the Trolls movie in my house! My daughter loves games and activities. She helped me come up with some Troll games and activities! These are all kid approved.

candy trolls game find the trolls

  1. Find the troll. Put a troll from my printable tags CLICK HERE underneath a piece of candy or cups. Tape on with double sided tape. Show the kids which cup has the troll then mix them around quickly and see if the kids can guess where the troll ends up. You can do it with the two different trolls and 5 pieces of candy(or cups) to make it more challenging to guess.
  2. Decorate a troll. Take blue and pink paper bags. Add googly eyes, stickers, gems, tissue paper, feathers and other decorations.
  3. Freeze dance. Put on some music from the movie such as “Cant stop this feeling”. Start the music then stop it after a short time. Every time it stops the kids have to freeze. Dancing and a game in one!
  4. Troll pinata! Everyone loves a pinata.
  5. Poppy’s popping bubble station because bubbles! You can have individual bubbles or a large bubble maker.
  6. Run from the bergan! Have an adult or one person be the bergan/bad guy. Everyone else are trolls, if the trolls are tagged they turn into a bergan and get to tag others. The last good guy wins.
  7. Making streamer troll people. Have different teams with different colors of streamers for every team. Each team has to wrap an entire roll of streamers around one team member. Whoever finishes first wins.
  8. Streamer troll relay race. Once people are wrapped up as trolls have an obstacle course set up for them to crawl over objects or jump over. This can be made with streamers tied across the room or a hallway.Trolls Balloon Game
  9. Balloon game! Everyone loves balloons. I haven’t met a person large or small that doesn’t love balloons. Tie balloons around the kids waists with streamers. Have two teams with two different color balloons. Kids from one team try to chase and steal the other teams balloons. When they steal a balloon the person they stole it from is out and they can put the balloons in a laundry basket or box. Whoever gets the other team out first wins.
  10. Crazy troll hair station. Have a station with hair chalk and hair glitter(glitter optional) to make fun bright color troll hair. You can do fun styles as well, depending on your hair skill level.
  11. Hide the troll or trolls. Have small troll toys, small balls, candy or plastic eggs with the troll printables taped on them. Hide them, have the kids search for and collect the trolls.
  12. Car races! Tape the printables on small wind up cars. Have two teams race Poppy and Branch.
  13. Pin the hair on the troll. Get a poster of the trolls. Get cardstock paper in the color of the hair and cut pieces it out in the shape of the hair. Put double sided tape on the back of the papers. Have the kids pin the hair on the poster.
  14. Ring toss. Print out the large circle trolls CLICK HERE, Tape onto the top of a wooden dowel. Glue the bottom of the wooden dowel to the middle of a small piece of wood, cardboard or foam board. You can use embrodiery hoops with ribbon wrapped around for the rings(these are cheaper than a ring toss game). If you already have a ring toss game just use that and tape one of the trolls to the base or front.
  15. Troll twister. Use the printable mentioned in the line above and tape them to one of the colors on the twister board.

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