15 Indoor Winter Games and Activities

15 Indoor Winter Games and Activities

It’s winter time! Around here it is a fun time since the weather outside is nice. However, I know for many of you it means being stuck inside with the kids. Even though we can get outside now the summer here is a different story. In the summer I made up some fun games and activities for us to pretend like it is winter. When you can’t get outside you have to make the best out of what you can do inside. With winter break we all might need to come up with some extra ideas to keep the kids entertained and keep us adults from going crazy. Some of these indoor games could be fun for winter parties. These are some of my ideas and the best 15 indoor winter games and activities from around the web!

  1. Snow Ball sock fight. Use laundry baskets as barriers and throw those sock “snow balls” back and forth with two teams.
  2. Snow Ball sock toss. Again socks make for easy snow balls. This time you can throw them into smaller bins or baskets. Have them far enough away to make it challenging. You can assign a certain amount of points to each basket to determine a winner! mitten-indoor-games
  3. Mittens or gloves are fun for games. Have everyone unwrap presents with mittens on. Time them to see who can do it the fastest. Make sure to add extra tape to make the presents tricky to unwrap.
  4. Throwing and catching a ball with mittens on.
  5. Snowball hot potato. Put on the music and pass around a white ball, snow ball. Turn off the music and whoever has the ball hot potato is out. Continue until only one person is left. wrapping-paper-games
  6. Wrapping paper games are fun with all the extra paper you have around Christmas! Speed wrapping. Everyone has to wrap a gift or toy. see who can do it the fastest.
  7. Wrap up toys you have around the house. The kids have to guess what is in the “gift”. This can be a fun party game.
  8. Find the present. Hide a wrapped gift or toy and whoever finds it wins. It can have a gift inside for whoever wins.
  9. Balloon snowballs. Have falling “snow” balloons by taping a plastic table cloth filled with balloons to the ceiling.
  10. Find the surprise inside the balloon snowballs. Put a small winter themed toy such as a snowman or penguin inside one balloon. Kids can figure out which one has the toy by popping or shaking the balloons. You can have a few toys inside.
  11. Catching snowballs! Kids can hold cups to catch the snowballs. One person takes pom pom balls and throws a bunch of them towards the other kids. Whoever catches the most wins. They can also pick up the ones that weren’t caught to put in their cups to create a little competition.
  12. Snow slime! You can make snow slime for fun with kids. Then hide toys inside for kids to find for added fun. Find out how to make snow slime here at Growing a Jeweled Rose
  13. Paper plate snowmen. Make easy snowmen with white paper plates. Fun to make and for kids to play with. How to make cute paper plate snowmen here at Crafty Morning
  14. Make snowfall and snowmen with toilet paper. The other day we made it snow with toilet paper by turning on the fan and throwing pieces of toilet paper around it. They flew off and made a “snowfall”. This was so easy to do. Then you can put it on the ground to make toilet paper snow angels.
  15. Make your own play snow! This is such a fun idea for indoor “snow” play. Find out how to make your own play snow from Savvy Sassy Moms


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