Bakers Gift Guide

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Gift Guide for Bakers

I’m not a professional baker but I love baking up sweet treats. I have a major sweet tooth! Here are some fabulous ideas for the baker in your life. From plates, trays, and baking essentials. I also included some fun dessert clothes and accessories. This bakers gift guide has something fun for every kind of baker.

  1. Ceramic Pink Serving Tray
  2. Dessert Fridge Magnets
  3. Dessert Love Menu Sign
  4. Sweet! Celebrations
  5. Silicon Bakeware Set
  6. Donut Pillow
  7. Baking Cheaper Than Therapy Shirt
  8. Cupcake Beanie
  9. Blue Marble Glass Dessert Plates
  10. Mini Macaron Jewelry Boxes
  11. Mini Desserts Recipe Book
  12. Cupcakes Apron
  13. Set of 3 Icing Bottles
  14. Russian Flower Piping Tips


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