DIY Disco Ball Cupcakes

Shiny Disco Cupcakes

Time to get this party started! Who doesn’t love shiny disco balls? I personally use disco balls to decorate my desk but that’s just me. These disco ball cupcakes are a fun and easy cupcake for New Years or other shiny parties! A disco bridal show would be fun too! I served them on a shiny tray I made with sparkly washi tape. You can make any kind of cupcakes and all you need to do is add white frosting and some silver sanding sugar. You can also make them in gold or pink like the disco balls shown above. I think I will do pink next! These are really fun to eat while watching the ball drop on New Years. Although, I often don’t make it up that late the sugar rush might help!


What you need to make them:

cupcakes any flavor

white frosting

sanding sugar

a fork or toothpick

dip in sprinkles make lines with fork lines the other way

  1. Put the silver sanding sugar in a bowl.
  2. Frost cupcakes with a knife.
  3. Dip cupcakes in the sugar.
  4. Take a fork or toothpick and make three rows across of lines spread out about half an inch.
  5. The make three lines up and down.
  6. That’s all you need to do.

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They are fun and shiny, perfect for a sparkly party! Add some confetti to the table to give some extra shine.

Disco Ball Cupcakes

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