DIY Pipe Cleaner Photo Props

Pipe Cleaner Props

These diy pipe cleaner photo props are fun because they can be an activity and prop all in one. People can make there own things out of the pipe cleaners and get creative. I did some simple New Years ones. Glasses, lips, clocks, fireworks and the year. You can also do different colors for different party themes. It’s an easy way to make photo props without a lot of materials. You can spell out a name for a birthday or initials. These would also be cute cake toppers!

materials for photo props

What you need to make them:

pipe cleaners

paper straws


folding pipe cleaners lips out of pipe cleaners clock pipe cleaners

The key with pipe cleaner photo props is to not make them too big and bulky. If they are too big they get a little floppy. I made the lips above by making a v about 2 inches from one end. Bend the longer side about 2 inches from the v on the other side. Then bring the larger end around the bottom and twist it with the other side. Fold the bottom extra piece of the pipe cleaner up in half up to the lips. Then put that piece into a paper straw. You can add some glue on this part to make sure it stays in place. I didn’t glue them because they stayed fine without it but reinforcements never hurt!

For the clock one I cut a pipe cleaner in half. With that half I made a circle with a two inch extra piece on one end. With the extra piece I folded it up towards the middle of the circle then folded down the top off to one side and slightly downwards. I twisted the other half of the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the clock and folded it in half from the bottom. Then put that bottom piece in a paper straw.

These are just a few ideas of what you can make but pipe cleaners are fun because you can make a ton of different things.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Photo Props for New Years Sparkly pipe cleaner photo props New Years DIY Pipe Cleaner Photo Props

Stars, fireworks, glasses, clocks, 2017, and lips! These are all fun ideas for New Years with kids or adults.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Photo Props


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