Easy Santa Cupcakes

Santa cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! Santa is coming soon and let me tell you we are excited in my house. My daughter loves Santa and this time of year. She wants to visit Santa every day and look at Christmas lights every night. We can’t see Santa every day but I have lots of holiday goodness planned this month. I think I get almost as excited as her. Especially when it comes to making Christmas treats I love coming up with fun ideas. We made these Santa cupcakes and some penguin cupcakes. Two of my daughters favorite things Santa and Penguins. I really love these Santa cupcakes and how easy they were to make. I did the beards but the rest my 5 year old could help out with.

ingredients for Santa cupcake

What you need to make them:

yellow or white cupcakes

buttercream frosting

red sanding sugar or sprinkles

red M&Ms

black decorating gel or brown M&Ms

frost the top dip in sprinkles red sprinkles on top

  1. Frost the top 1/3 of the cupcake
  2. Dip the frosted part in a bowl of red sprinkles add white frosting add m&m add eyes
  3. Add a dot of white frosting to one side of the top red sprinkles for the hat
  4. Add white frosting with a decorating bag and a star or round tip. I used the star tip and added the beard in a circular motion. First the bottom then the middle with two small circles. Leave a small space between the hat and beard.
  5. Add a red M&M to the top of the beard/mustache.
  6. Add two dots of black decorating gel for the eyes above the beard slightly to the left and right. You can also use brown M&Ms for the eyes.

Easy Santa Cupcake Cute Santa Cupcakes Christmas Santa Cupcakes

Santa, Santa I know him! Now you can also make him in cupcake form. I know a lot of people make cookies this time of year but I always have to make some cupcakes too. These are just the most adorable Santa cupcakes! They were really easy to make too. I plan on bringing some to a Christmas party.

Simple Santa Cupcakes

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