Glitter Toy Snow Globes

Toy jar snow globe

My daughter loves little tiny toys. Luckily they are cheap and she gets a lot of use out of them. The only problem is over time we have accumulated a ton of them. I wanted to find another use for them. With my love of snow globes at the moment I thought it would be cute to turn them into glitter toy snow globes. You can add snow in too with the glitter, just snow or just glitter. We have a ton of my little pony toys. We also have an excessive amount of Star Wars toys. You can use any little toys. Those little surprise bag toys are great for make toy snow globes.

What you need to make them:

glitter in any color you want

small plastic toy that can fit in a jar

jars, I used cleaned out food jars

hot glue


glitter in jar glue toy to the lid

Put glitter in the jar just filling up the bottom. Then fill up the jar with water leaving a little bit of room at the top for when you put the toy in. Glue the toy to the lid of the jar with hot glue and let it dry. Put the lid on the jar and screw it on tightly. Add some hot glue around the edge of the jar where the lids connects to prevent leaks.

Optional: add glitter or sparkly ribbon around the lid to cover the silver part.

Small glitter toy snow globe Snow globe made with kids toys and glitter Star Wars toy snow globe DIY glitter toy snow globe

I used blue glitter for the my little pony one and red for the Star Wars one. These are fun for kids year round.

Glitter Toy Snow Globes

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