Snow Globe Serving Tray

Snow Globe Serving Tray for parties

Christmas party season is starting and man am I excited! I love a good Christmas party and lots of Christmas party food. I don’t typically cook the food but I can help make it look all cute to serve. For fall I made these fun Pumpkin Serving Trays that were a hit. I thought it would be fun to make serving trays for Christmas parties too. I have been loving all of the snow globe ideas this season. I probably spent an hour on Pinterest looking at ideas. Although spending an hour on Pinterest is a typical day for me. This DIY Snow Globe Serving Tray can be made mostly with dollar store materials and a few from the craft store. I also had left over snow and trees to decorate my place. You can use these trays for home decorations as well, they’d be cute with a snow village on top! I may have made a wee bit of a mess with the snow but that just adds to the snowy look, right?!


What you need to make them:

2 serving tray or platers, I used silver but white or clear works too

globe shape vase(dollar store)

fake snow

small decorative winter trees or other winter figurines

glue gun or strong adhesive glue. If you are using glass trays use E6000 glass glue.

glue trees

  1. In the center of the tray put a dot of glue for each figurine.
  2. Place the trees on top of the glue. Make sure to keep them in a close cluster so the vase fits over. You can measure it first and put marks where to place the trees. snow glue vase on
  3. Put the fake snow in the globe vase.
  4. Put hot glue around the rim of the vase.
  5. Take the tray with the trees on it and flip it upside down. Lower it onto the vase with the trees going inside the vase. Try to make sure it is centered. Press the tray firmly onto the vase. glue the top press tray on top
  6. Add a bunch of glue to the top of the vase.
  7. Press the second tray on top of the vase.

Snow Globe tray Snow globe decorative serving trayFun Tray with Snow Globe inside present and trees snow globe Pretty Snow Globe Serving Tray

I love how pretty this snow globe serving tray turned out! It was really easy to make and will work perfect for a holiday party.

DIY Snow Globe Serving Tray



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