Decorated Dollar Store Chocolate Box Gifts

brush stroke painted chocolate boxes

Whenever I am at the store around Valentine’s Day I see these little chocolate boxes with cheesy pictures on them. I typically just pass them by because the pictures of flowers or puppies don’t call to me. This year I decided those boxes could look really cute with a little extra love. They just needed a makeover to turn into the perfect gifts. It doesn’t take much to make these decorated dollar store chocolate box gifts. All I did was add some paint in a few fun colors and look how pretty they turned out! The paint completely transformed the boxes into modern fun gifts. These would be great gifts for Galentine’s Day, to hand out to friends, or family. I always have a hard time thinking of little gifts to give that also have a bit of a personal touch to them. Also, I sometimes¬†just need an excuse to paint something. It had been way too long since I had taken out my paint brushes. I wouldn’t say I am the best painter ever but since I am not a professional I know anyone could make these pretty boxes.

What you need to make them:

paint in 2-3 colors, I chose light pink, bright pink, and gold

dollar store chocolate boxes

Remove the chocolate box lid and put it on a paper plate. I used my left over Christmas plates. Add the paint and cover the box completely with paint. Let the paint dry. You can add another layer of the first color if it looks too transparent.

Add brushstrokes of the second color. Spread them out over the whole box but don’t completely cover the first color. Let it dry, then add another color. For the third color I used gold paint to add a little sparkle but not completely cover the second color. Add smaller lines of this color slightly overlapping with the second color used. You can really get creative with designs and patterns to make it your own.

Fun brushstroke painted chocolate boxes

Look at all the pretty colors! I can’t wait to give these pretty boxes to my girlfriends. This is such an easy DIY gift for friends. It’s also an inexpensive gift and you can make a bunch of them at once, then you wont leave anyone out on Valentine’s Day. These decorated dollar store chocolate box gifts are fun to make with kids or adults. You can decorate them at a Valentine’s parties. With kids they would be fun to decorate with the kids hand prints. That would make an adorable¬†gift for family members.

Decorated Dollar Store Chocolate Box Gifts


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