DIY Iridescent Party Decor

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Iridescent Diamond Party Decor with Hearts

Parties could use a little extra shine! Make easy diy iridescent party decor for bridal showers or other occasions. I made hanging diamond decorations and added pink hearts for a pop of color! I also added some iridescent hearts to balloons for a pretty easy embellishment!

What yo need to make them:

Spellbinders Platinum 6

Heart Wild and Free Dies

Iridescent tissue paper

white cardstock paper

printable diamonds CLICK HERE for the large diamonds and CLICK HERE for the smaller diamonds. I made four different sizes for a variety! Smaller ones are cute for food/cupcake toppers.

Print out the diamond shapes in any size you would like on white cardstock paper. Cover them with iridescent tissue paper. I cut out the tissue paper slightly larger than the diamonds. Then taped on the tissue paper and cut off any extra around the edges.

For the hearts cut out the dies using the Platinum 6 or other Spellbinders cutting machine. They have a ton of fun geometric shapes like gems! Those would work really well too but since Valentine’s Day is coming up I went with hearts! For the solid¬†heart I used white cardstock paper. Then tape or glue the¬†iridescent tissue paper on top of the heart. Crinkle the tissue paper to give it a little more depth and shine! On the very top glue the geometric heart. SInce the top heart is so thin I used a small paint brush to paint glue on the back. I used bright pink for the top heart but you could use any color. Let the glue dry.

You can use these shapes for any kind of party decoration. They could be taped to a wall for a backdrop. For a dessert table backdrop you could tape them to large foam board. Then use a few on the table or on the front of a table cloth. I love love decorating dessert tables! You can also poke a small hole in the top of the shapes then tie twine or ribbon to it to hang up. They can also be strung together for a banner. I added a few of the hearts to balloons. Just use the iridescent tissue paper and thin geometric hearts so the balloons can still float.

iridescent diamond decorations Pretty Hanging Iridescent Diamond Party Decor Iridescent Heart Balloon Decor Hearts and Diamonds DIY Iridescent Party Decorations

These are really easy to make and I love how they turned out. I think I might make some just to hang up in my office!

DIY Iridescent Party Decor


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