Football Party Games

Balloon Football Party Games

The Super Bowl is coming up and the Super Bowl provides a lot of entertainment in itself. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some easy extra games for a crowd watching sports games. You can use these games for kids sports parties or watching sports. Nothing complicated because nobody has time for anything too crazy!

  1. Balloon scores! Everyone can write their prediction for the final score of the game on a balloon. Then when a score has passed or is wrong the person has to pop their balloon. The closest score or last balloon standing/floating wins!
  2. Write a number on as many balloons as there are guests. Everyone is assigned a number. Inside one of the balloons can be a piece of paper that says winner and that person wins a prize! Pop the balloons to find the number. 
  3. Balloon football! One balloon with laces drawn on can be the “football”. Play touch balloon football. This can be funny since balloons are a bit harder to throw and control than real footballs.
  4. Touchdown! With balloons, crumpled up paper or a nerf football. Throw it between a “goal post” on the wall that can be made with yellow washi tape or masking tape. You can do this outside for more room.
  5. Throw the football! Outside have tape on the ground with numbers for the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 yard line. See who can throw the football the furthest. Have the far away one challenging for adults and close ones for kids.
  6. Football Cups! Get brown cups(party store) and make football laces with masking tape. You can stack them up and have people know them over with a nerf football.
  7. Again with the cups adults can play beer pong and kids can play get the ball in the cup. For kids you can put the cups in different formations(letter,number) and have them throw a ping pong ball into the cups with 5 tries. Have a small prize for the winner.

Football Party Games

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