Free Printable Celebrity Wedding Bridal Shower Game

Free Printable Celebrity Wedding Bridal Shower Game

It’s bridal shower time everyone! In case you missed it I have been posting fun bridal shower ideas all week like these free printable diamond ring donut toppers, funny games, theme ideas, and diamond decorations. I am engaged and that has me thinking of all the bridal shower ideas. Wedding ideas will be coming up soon too! Of course I will also still have all of my holiday and other party ideas as well. I’m not turning into an obsessed crazy bride to be(not yet). I made this celebrity wedding bridal shower game because who doesn’t love a fun celebrity game?! The bride gets to pick who would be at her dream celebrity wedding. Including her celebrity crush as the groom! Most friends might know the bride to be’s celebrity crush but they may not know the other players at her celebrity wedding. Who would be officiate, who would perform? it is just fun to think about and the bride can use her imagination on these things. Who every guesses the most answers right wins! There is also room at the bottom to add a bonus question like who else would be in the bride’s bridal party, which celebrity house would she have the wedding at, or anything really, get creative with it!

To get the free printable game CLICK HERE

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