Free Printable Sports Party Food Labels

Free Printable Food Labels for sports parties

When it comes to watching sports with a group there are the people super in to the game and just there for the food. I fall into the later category. I enjoy sports and know whats going on during a football game. I personally am more about the experience of watching sports with a group and eating tons of food. That is the best part! I may not have a team in the game during the Super Bowl but I am always “Team Cheese”. I made these super cute funny free printable sports party food labels for the big game. These are perfect for food toppers or labels at a Super Bowl party. Really they would be fun for any sports party including kids birthday parties. I love the mini foam fingers, these would look so cute on top of some cupcakes. Cupcakes are #1 in my book! People may not agree on what team should win but we can all be on “Team Food”. I tried to cover the Super Bowl party foods that are typically served such as chips, dip, cheese(in any form), burgers, and tacos. Are tacos a thing all over the country or is it just an Arizona thing to serve tacos at any occasion? I could eat tacos, chips, and guacamole all day every day so I am definitely “Team Tacos”.

For the free printable Team Food and Foam Finger #1 labels CLICK HERE or on the picture below

Team Food Printable Sports Labels

I just love these printables and think everyone will love them at any sports party!

Print them on white card stock paper. If you print on regular printer paper they will just be more flimsy. Once they are printed out cut out the labels. I will warn you that the foam fingers are kind of a pain to cut out but they are so cute and worth it. I used a small sharp scissors to cut those ones out.

For the foam fingers you will also need tape and toothpicks. Tape the toothpicks to the back of the foam finger and insert them into foods such as cheese cubes, meatballs, cupcakes or brownies.

For the team food labels you can tape them to bamboo skewers or paper straws. If the straws or skewers are too long cut them in half first. Then just insert them into bowls of food. You can also tape the flag labels to a folder over piece of card stock paper like these DIY Food Labels.

Funny Free Printable Sports Party Food Labels and Toppers Free Printable Foam Finger Food Toppers Funny Free Printable Food Labels

What food team are you on? It’s hard to pick sides with food because I love it all! With these free printable sports party food labels you don’t have to pick.

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