Funny Bridal Shower Games

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Kiss the bride funny bridal shower game

Every bridal shower needs a few games! I love party games and bridal showers are the perfect place to have funny bridal shower games. Girlfriends can appreciate some funny games. I have some games that should make a crowd laugh and have fun. I’m hoping to play a few of these games at my own bridal shower this year. Weddings are so fun because you get all these bonus times of hanging out with your friends before the big day.

  1. First kiss! Have all of the guests put on lipstick and kiss a piece of pape. The bride has to guess who’s kiss it is.
  2. Kiss the bride! Blow up a picture of the bride to poster size or draw a large bride on white wrapping paper. You can also cut out one from a magazine, having a small one would be more challenging! Have everyone put on lipstick. Then blindfold people one at a time and have them kiss the poster, whoever gets closest to the brides face/mouth wins! Like pin the tail on the donkey but with kisses. The kissing the wall part makes it extra funny.
  3. Balloon game! I am fond of balloons and balloon games. They are easy and fun. Have everyone write funny advice with sharpie markers to the bride on balloons. The bride can pick her favorite. This is decorations and a game in one! It could be sincere advice as well. toilet paper bouquet funny bridal shower game
  4. Catch the bouquet! Make a bouquet out of toilet paper. Just wrap toilet paper around itself to make a flower shape. Then tape it or glue it together. Make a few flowers then tape them to the toilet paper roll on the bottom. Use lots of tape to keep it together. The bride can be blindfolded and try to throw the bouquet to the guests. Whoever catches the bouquet wins! The blindfold makes it extra funny since the bride might not even throw it near the guests.
  5. Making bouquets! Same thing with toilet paper bouquets but the guests get into teams and have to make bouquets. Whoever makes the bouquet the fastest wins. You can also have whoever makes the best bouquet wins but speed games are funny.
  6. Toilet paper wedding dress! Same idea as the last one but with making a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Points for style and speed!
  7. Wedding guest dance off! Put on a little single ladies or cheesy wedding music and have a little dance off/dance party!
  8. Name that wedding song! Play small clips of cheesy wedding songs and have guests write down the name of the song. Make sure it is a super small bit of the song to make it challenging. Whoever gets the most right wins. There are so many cheesy wedding songs to choose from! Eat the ring funny bridal shower game
  9. Eat the ring, the donut ring! Have powdered sugar donuts(because the powdered sugar is messy ;)). Put them on a plate with a donut on each plate. Have the guests line up in a row, one in front of each plate. Participants have to put there hands behind there back and try to eat the donut on the plate just using their mouth. The first one done wins! Also I have some adorable free diamond ring donut toppers.
  10. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue scavenger hunt! Guests have to collect all of these things. There can be items hidden around the house or they have to go around to neighbors and collect these items. Adults on a scavenger hunt is always funny!

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Funny Bridal Shower Games

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