Make Colorful Chocolates

Pretty colorful chocolates

I like everything to be bright and colorful, including my food! It doesn’t take much to make boring brown chocolates look bright and cheery. This Valentine’s Day I am giving my daughter little treats spread out throughout the month. Nothing expensive just little gifts to show her I care. She will be getting stickers, a little puzzle, figurines, and of course her favorite is the chocolates. Honestly, it’s my favorite part of Valentine’s Day too! The best part of giving her this box of chocolates was when she opened it up and was completely shocked by the fun colors. I made these with a dollar store chocolate box. Buy a bunch of little chocolate boxes to hand out to friends or family, the more the merrier! Anyone could make colorful chocolates with these easy steps, trust me if I can do it you can too. I made them for my daughter in her favorite colors pink and turquoise. However, you could use any colors you want such as red and white for Valentine’s Day. You can also buy a bag of heart shaped chocolates and then put the finished colorful chocolates in little clear bags.

What you need to make them:

2 colors of candy melts



parchment paper

2 forks

Put parchment paper on a baking sheet or plate. Spread out chocolates on the parchment paper. Put a chocolate on a fork and dip it into melted candy melts. You can use a spoon to cover the chocolate with candy melts. Then tap or shake off extra candy melts. Use a second for to slide the chocolate off of the fork. Try to do this part somewhat quickly so the original chocolate doesn’t start to melt. You can add sprinkles to some. I made them a few different ways. My favorite was with the chocolate drizzled over it. Wait for the chocolates dipped in one color of candy melts to dry. Take a fork and dip it in the other color of melts. Then take the fork and move it quickly back and forth top to bottom over the chocolates. You might want to practice the drizzling just over the parchment paper before covering the chocolates to get the hang of it. You can then add colorful sanding sugar or heart sprinkles on top of the drizzle. Get creative and make it your own way! If you are putting them in a chocolate box you can cut off any extra around the sides that doesn’t fit in the box.

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Aren’t these the prettiest chocolates for Valentine’s Day! These taste even better than they look. What colors would you choose for your chocolates?

Make Colorful Chocolates



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