Plastic Tablecloth Floating Flowers

I’m going to get real with you about this post. I wanted to come up with ideas with things I had in my craft supplies. I’ve been cleaning things out because we just moved. Some stuff I wanted to keep in case I had some use for them in the future. I hate to waste anything and because of that I have hoarded random craft supplies. I had one pink plastic table cloth that has no purpose. A while ago I saw on Pinterest someone had use plastic table cloths to make floating flowers in the pool. I have no idea wear that post was from but I wanted to create my own floating pool flowers. These aren’t the prettiest flowers ever but with a bunch of them I think they would look so pretty in the pool for a party! Also just for an outdoor party. These plastic tablecloth floating flowers are a simple diy decoration that no one will expect. I made 3 of them with one table cloth. These table cloths I got in a pack of two from the dollar store. If you had 5 packs of them you could make 30 flowers! I can tell you how to make them even prettier than my attempt.

What you need to make them:

plastic table cloths from the dollar store

hot glue gun

Take a plastic table cloth and cut it into 3 even pieces. Twist the piece of table cloth together as shown above. Then wrap it around in a circle. Every couple circles glue it together with hot glue along the side. Then keep wrapping it and gluing as you go. Make sure it is tightly wrapped. When you get to the end take the last couple inches and glue it underneath. This is something that I didn’t do but it would make a difference because I had the last piece hanging off.

They didn’t turn out too bad. The only thing I would do different is to tuck that end piece underneath so it’s not hanging off they would look so much better that way. I tried a few ways to make them but this is the easiest and it would be really simple to make a bunch of them at once for a party. If you spent $10 and had 20 table cloths you could make 60 flowers. Imagine a pool filled with 60 floating tablecloth flowers that would look so pretty! White would look great for a bridal shower. A couple different bright colors would also be really fun for a summer party. I hope you enjoyed my random experiment its not even pool weather yet but you better believe I will be ready when it’s time!

Plastic Tablecloth Floating Flowers

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