15 Fun Balloon and Streamer Party Games

15 Fun Balloon and Steamer Party Games

Balloons and streamers are an easy way to decorate any party. You can use them in different colors for different themes. They also are easy to use for some simple party games. The best part is they can be decorations and games all in one! I love coming up with party games. My daughter and I use some of them just to play when we have nothing else to do. You can never have too many ideas for games or activities. Especially the easy kind because who has time to have elaborate games. I know I don’t have the patients and my daughter certainly doesn’t have the patience. These games can really work for any type of kids party theme! They are all cheap and easy just the way I like my party games.

Here are some quick and easy balloon and streamer party games:

  1. Streamer limbo! Not to brag but I was the limbo champ at my 3rd grade field day at school! Yes, I still remember this because it is my one athletic accomplishment(if you can call it that). I was also on the tall lanky side so it was extra challenging but at one point I was quite flexible. Now I can’t even do a back bend, but I digress… Part of the problem with doing the limbo is no one ever has a limbo stick! You can easily use streamers for this and no one gets hurt bonking into the stick. They might break the streamers but that’s it and when they break the streamers they are out of the game.
  2. Streamer maze! In a hallway tape streamers up in a maze kind of like the laser lights in movies that people have to climb over and under to get to the other side. Tape them in diagonals some high and some low to make it challenging!
  3. Obstacle course. The streamers could be taped to the ground and kids have to jump over them with a balloon in between their legs. The challenge is to keep the balloon between their legs the whole time. You can also have streamers tied between two chairs, have a bunch of them set up for an obstacle course of jumping over or climbing under the streamers.
  4. Balloon pop! Have candy or small toys hidden in balloons. Kids have to pop the balloons to find the toys or candy.
  5. Water balloon fight! Enough said who doesn’t love water balloons.
  6. Balloon chase. This idea is inspired by Mario Kart. Each kid has a balloon tied around their waist with a streamer. Kids have to try to steal each others balloons. The last balloon standing wins! You can have two different color balloons with two teams.
  7. Streamer wrap. Kids get in teams, how many teams depends on the amount of kids but teams of 3 or 4 works. Each team has to wrap 1 teammate with a roll of streamers. The first team done wins.
  8. Streamer and balloon wall. You can tape streamers up against the wall, then fill with balloons. Just start at the bottom and put a few rows at a time. Then kids get to tear it down. This isn’t really a game but it is fun! You can also have them try to get one balloon out at a time and whoever breaks the streamers loses.
  9. Keep your balloon in the air! Kids have to try to keep their balloon in the air using only one hand for as long as possible. Whoever keeps theirs up the longest wins.
  10. Pool noodle and balloon golf! Take pool noodles and cut them in half. Kids can try to hit the balloons into a net or laying down bucket just using the pool noodles.
  11. Balloon and streamer freeze dance! I love freeze dance because it is such an easy game! Kids dance to music and when it stops they have to freeze. An adult controls the music to pause it for the kids to freeze. Kids can throw around balloons and streamers while they freeze dance.
  12. Streamer tee peeing! I miss the good old days of slumber parties and tee peeing the neighbors house. I don’t see kids doing that as much these days. It could just be that my daughter is only 5 and not at the slumber party age. Make a fun tee pee challenge where kids are in teams and each get to tee pee a room with streamers. Only give them a couple minutes to finish. Then pick a winner!
  13. Mummy tag! Wrapped up in streamers kids have to tag each other but everyone has to walk like a mummy! This might actually slower kids down for a minute. The tagger can be wrapped as a mummy then they break free when tagged and get to wrap the next person as a streamer mummy.
  14. No hands balloon pop. Kids have to pop balloons by sitting on them. There can be a small prize inside one balloon.
  15. Balloon volleyball! Tie streamers across for the “net”. Kids have to hit the balloon over the net. It’s a challenge since balloons don’t always go where you want them to go. Add an extra balloon in play to have it more challenging.

There you go some balloon and streamer party games to get you started. I also love to check with my daughter or niece for game ideas because they come up with some ideas!

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