DIY Flower Wands

DIY Rose Flower Wands

One of my daughters favorite diys that I have come up with are wands. We have made snowflake wands and fairy wands. She also loves playing dress up. She has gone through different faces of princesses. First it was Cinderella, then Belle, and her absolute favorite is Princess Leia. She is the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet! However, we both need a break from Star Wars. By both of us I mostly mean me. We are really excited to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It is one of my favorites from childhood and I love to share my love for it with my daughter. Having a daughter is the best! I really enjoy this age where we can have princess tea parties and enjoy all the girly stuff. Since my daughter loves wands I decided to make some easy wands inspired by Belle. They of course had to have a red rose and a touch of yellow. These are made with dollar store materials. The paper straws I had a few extra from a party. You can find paper straws at Target, Walmart, some dollar stores, or party stores.

What materials you need to make these diy flower wands:

silk red roses(I got mine at the dollar store)

paper straws we used gold and white striped ones

yellow ribbon or streamers. I used streamers because they can be used for other party decorations as well!

floral scissors or sharp scissors

hot glue gun

The first part is just for adults to do since it involves hot glue. I took the bunch of fake flowers I got from the dollar store. Leave most of the stems on the flower because it makes the wand more stable. The paper straws can bend easily without something inside to stabilize it. I took floral scissors and cut off the flowers from the bunch with the stems. You can use a sharp scissors and bend the stem from side to side to help break the wire inside.

Put a dot of hot glue on top of the paper straw and insert the flower. When it is almost all the way in put another dot of hot glue on right before you push the top in. Then hold the flower and the straw together for a minute while the glue dries.

Then take streamers or ribbon and tie it around the base of the flower where it intersects with the paper straw. This part my daughter helped out with and by helped out I mean played with the streamers. You can also add some glitter or glitter glue to the petals. Kids always like adding some extra glitter! Then you are all done! How easy was that?!

Belle inspired DIY Flower Wand

Flower Wands

They look so pretty! My daughter obviously loved playing with the flower wands with her dress up Belle dress on. You can make them in any color for different princesses or occasion. The colors for these Belle inspired wands look so good together! These are great for pretend play, party decorations, or party favors! All the materials are under $5. This is my favorite type of project cheap, easy, and looks really pretty!

DIY Flower Wands

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