How to Fold Napkin Flowers

Flower Napkins

It is really starting to feel like spring. That means it is time to get outdoors. Outdoor crafting and party time call for lots of flowers. I made these simple napkin flowers. I am going to show you how to make napkin flowers with a few easy steps. These are just paper napkins. A while ago I found these marble napkins and have been waiting to find a use for them. They look so pretty as flowers. The napkin flowers would also look great with a solid color. You can use them at each place setting out even put some in a vase for a decoration and guests to grab. I’m sure there are fancier napkin flowers and more complicated ways to make them but I went for as simple as possible.

What you need:

napkins(in any color you want)


  1. Unfold the napkin.
  2. Fold the napkin up or down in half.
  3. With the folded part on top start to roll the napkin in a small circular shape. 
  4. I wrapped the napkin around my fingers twice to leave it nice and loose.
  5. With the last extra piece fold it down making a triangle shape.
  6. Then wrap that folded down part around the other loops.
  7. Twist the bottom together and tie a ribbon around the bottom to keep it in place. It might stay without the ribbon but tying a ribbon makes it easier.

Simple as that you now know how to make napkin flowers. What should I make next swans, cats, or hearts? I don’t even have origami skills but anyone can make some pretty, simple napkin flowers. These would look pretty with light yellow or pink for spring parties. I am thinking of making some to use at a tea party.

How To Fold Napkin Flowers

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