Housewarming Gift Boxes

Right now I am in the process of moving and packing is one of my least favorite things. Instead on focusing on the pile of boxes that surround me in true procrastinator style I am thinking of all the fun we will have with our housewarming party! I also can never think of housewarming gifts to give. These free printable housewarming gift boxes are perfect for little gifts such as gift cards. They look like tiny little houses too! That’s one of the best gifts to give to new home owners gift cards to somewhere for them to start decorating their home. These little boxes are also perfect for a house warming party for tiny favors. They can fit cupcakes, little wine bottles, candy, healthy snack mixes or tiny plants.

What you need to put the boxes together:

white cardstock paper

printable house boxes CLICK HERE




little gifts to fill the boxes with

Print out the box template on white cardstock paper. Fold the squares inward along the lines. Then fold in the tabs.

Cut out the house pieces. Put tape or glue on the square part of the house pieces. Press it firmly on the square box. Then fold the roof part in half. Put double sides tape on the inside of the roof piece along where the roof and house would intersect. After you fill the boxes you can put the roof on top.

I love these little house housewarming gift boxes! They turned out super cute and are just perfect for little gifts!

Free Printable Housewarming Gift Boxes


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