Housewarming Gifts for Kids and Adults

Continuing with my housewarming fun! First I made little house gift boxes to hand out at housewarming parties or to give to someone who has just moved into a new home. Today I have these cute little gift tags that look like Welcome mats. Ones that say welcome to your new home and to keep you warm in your new home. Kids and adults both need new things for their home. We are in the process of moving across the country and I want to get a little gift for my daughter to get her excited about the move. Usually adults get presents when they get a new home. I think it is a cute idea to get parent’s and kids matching gifts when they move.

Here are the printable tags CLICK HERE for the ones shown(the font on the printable is different so the letters aren’t all smushed together like the ones I printed)

CLICK HERE for bright color ones with blue and pink perfect for kids!

Housewarming gifts for adults and kids:

Candles for the adults and a fun night light for the kids.

Throw blankets and pillows. Who doesn’t love cozy blankets and cute pillows?! Wrap up with ribbon and add one of the cute gift tags! The kids can get a fun colorful blanket for cuddling on the couch.

A mermaid tail blankets. Now this can work for a mother and daughter. A nice adult crochet one for mom and a colorful kids one!

Slippers. Adult and kids slippers because everyone should wear slippers!

Wine or a nice bottle of alcohol for parents and a large supply of the kids favorite juices. Adults deserve a nice glass of their favorite drink after unpacking and to celebrate. Having a supply of juice for the kids helps mom and dad with one less thing to get from the store! These could be cute in a gift basket!

Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. This can also be cute in a gift basket, with extra marshmallows for the hot chocolate. Mugs for coffee/tea and kids drink cups!

Towels, robes, and a bathroom tote. These can also be presented as a cute gift basket. I love baskets that are also functional as part of the gift. You can include shampoos for adults and kids. For the kids have bath toys. Bath bombs and bubble bath are also fun!

I love the little houses and welcome mat gift tags! This is my daughters mermaid tail blanket as an example. A throw blanket for adults and a mermaid tail blanket for kids to welcome them into a new house too is a cute idea. I hope these ideas helped you find the perfect gifts for your friends or families new home!

Housewarming Gifts For Kids and Adults

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