Housewarming Party Games

Housewarming Party Games

Housewarming parties are a great time to bring all your family and friends together to celebrate your new home. Whether you are just doing a small gather of family or inviting a large group of people you want to keep them entertained. I think every party could use a game or two. This isn’t an occasion to have complicated games keep it easy and use what you have around the house or from the move. I came up with some fun housewarming party games that use household items to make it easy.

Here are the housewarming party game ideas:

Oven mitt games: have people unwrap small boxes or presents using oven mitts. Whoever does it the fasts wins. Have a few rounds then the winners of those rounds go up against each other.

Oven mitt drinking game. Flip cup using oven mitts makes it extra challenging. You can also play beer pong wearing oven mitts. I’m already terrible at these games and the added challenge makes it really funny.

Paper towel wrap. Wrap up guests in a roll of paper towels and whoever is done first wins. You can add a race after they are wrapped up.

Wet paper towels. Get paper towels wet and have a paper towel fight. This is fun for summer/ pool party house warming parties. It can be a free for all or have teams. This game should be kept outside!

You can do the same type of idea as the paper towel fight with wet sponges. You can also use the sponges for a catch type of game. Flag football with sponge catching or dodge ball with wet sponges. If you aren’t doing a pool or summer party you can still use dry sponges for a dodge ball type game.

Throw the sponge in a bucket. Have two buckets or baskets set up in the yard on opposite sides. One player on each side throws a sponge into the bucket.

Pillow fight! Kids and adults love a good pillow fight. Sometimes you just have to stick to the classics.

Pile up pillows and blankets into a large pile and have a crash pile. People can jump into the pile. Also fun for kids and adults, just make sure it is a large enough pile.

Box bowling. Get some use out of the boxes you used when moving. Pile them up in pyramid and use a large ball to knock them over.

Box yard dice. Use 2 boxes for yard dice draw dots on each side with a sharpie like a dice. Then play any dice game you want!

Signature drink game. Let guests play bartender and compete to come up with a signature house drink.


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