Beauty and The Beast Party Games

Yellow streamers Beauty and The Beast Game

We love playing games at my house. Sometimes we just come up with games for fun. We have also been getting ready for the new Beauty and the Beast movie. That means Beauty and the Beast parties! It also means everyone needs some party games to celebrate or just to play at home over spring break! I have some ideas for easy party games. Some take a few materials from the dollar store. All of them should be easy enough for a range of ages to play. We know all ages love the movie. It was one of my favorites as a kid and now I get to relive it all with my daughter. Isn’t that the best when you can relive the movies you loved as a child with your own child?!

Here are some simple ideas for Beauty and the Beast party games inspired by the movie:

  1. Streamer dresses. As shown above take yellow streamers. Have teams create streamer dresses by wrapping them around one of the team members. As you can see above my daughter just unravels the whole thing of streamers then improvises. You can have the fastest dressed as the winner or give points for style.
  2. Escape the castle! Using the yellow streamers again make an obstacle course in the hallway by taping them across the walls from one side to the other. Have some higher and some lower. Kids have to climb over and crawl under the streamers to escape the castle. You can also have streamers tied between two chairs with rows of chairs.
  3. Beast tag. One person is the beast and the other kids have to run away from the beast. When the Beast tags kids they have to go in the “cage” or a designated place to be trapped.
  4. Catch the rose. Take plastic or paper cups and a fake flower rose. Kids have to catch roses in the cup. One person can be the thrower and everyone else tries to catch it. Whoever catches it the most is the winner!
  5. Pool noodle beast and Gaston fights. Use pool noodles as swords for the Beast and Gaston to fight for Belle. An adult judge can determine the winner of each round.
  6. Pin the rose on Belle. Take a Belle poster and cut out paper roses. The roses can just be red paper cut into a flower shape. Put tape on the back of the flowers. Then blindfold kids and have them pin the rose on Belle.
  7. Princess movie sing along. Kids can sing along to songs from the movie or other Disney movies. They can do a performance together or individually.
  8. Guess your character. Write the names of each character on a piece of paper or post it. Tape one to the back of each guest. Others can look at the character name and give the person hints about who it is without telling them. If you guess right you get a small treat.
  9. Belles dad inventions or building center. Belles dad was always coming up with wacky ideas. Kids can draw a picture of an invention or idea they have. An adult or the birthday kid can pick their favorite. You can also have a center for building something with Legos, marshmallows and toothpicks, making catapults or other fun building ideas. Look on Pinterest for easy things for kids to build.
  10. Book exchange. Since Belle loves to read have kids bring books to exchange. There could also be a story time, make it interactive and fun!
  11. Book bowling. Another fun and easy idea with books is book bowling. Prop books up in a pin configuration and have a large ball to bowl them down.
  12. Book frisby, with a soft covered book have kids fling it like a frisby of course not in the direction of any guests. Whoever can get it the farthest is the winner.

Also let kids help come up with ideas. Kids have such active imaginations and can often come up with party games on there own! These are just a few ideas to get you started. Pick a couple games and your party will surely be a hit!

Beauty and The Beast Party Games

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