Butterfly Confetti

This week we are all about the butterflies! It feels like spring and the butterflies are out and about. We love butterflies and my daughter has loved the butterfly projects. She really likes this one because she got to throw something and make a mess. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above but that is butterfly confetti. You can really tell in person and when it is “flying” around it looks really cool. It is easy to make confetti with tissue paper and this butterfly confetti is simple to make for fun or butterfly parties. I went to a wedding that had a butterfly theme and they had butterfly confetti. I thought it was really cool and would make a fun project to make at home. You can buy it I’m sure but why buy when you can easily DIY, right?!

What you need to make it:

tissue paper in any butterfly colors, orange and yellow would look really pretty too


That’s it!

  1. I cut tissue paper into long strips about 1 inch thick. The I cut the strips into pieces about 2 inches long. You can keep folding them over and cut them together. Once I had the pieces in the size I wanted I layered them all on top of each other. Then folded the pieces down in half. I took that folded piece and turned it 45 degrees to the left. Now the folded piece was facing the left side.
  2. Cut off a triangle piece from the top and the bottom as shown above. You will angle the scissors up on the top piece and down on the bottom piece, cutting off only a small section.
  3. Then in the middle on the right side where it is not folded over cut out a triangle piece.
  4. Then separate all of the pieces and you are done!

DIY Flying Confetti Butterflies

My daughter cracks me up she was so funny throwing the confetti! I could not get a normal facial expression shot but she had a ton of fun throwing the confetti. The butterfly confetti really flies too.

Flying Butterfly Confetti

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