Colorful Spring Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark in colorful spring colors

Spring is in the air and that means bright colors all around. The flowers are blooming and I just love this time of year. In Phoenix I think spring starts a bit earlier than the rest of the country. Here it’s in the 90’s and other places are having snow storms. Even if it isn’t quite outdoor entertaining time you can still make some fun colorful spring chocolate bark with kids. I happen to have a bunch of bright colors of candy melts that I needed to use up. I used white, orange, and green. These colors kind of remind me of a retro vibe. When I was a kid my grandparents still had the retro shag carpet in these bright colors. They also are fun for spring! Next time I think I will use pink, yellow, and orange. Then I topped them with colorful sprinkles and that is all that is needed. I am still trying to perfect the art of making colorful chocolate. It’s an art in my mind. Since I have made mistakes I will share what they are and what you can do differently.

What you need to make colorful spring chocolate bark:

Candy melts in 3 bright spring colors: pink, yellow, orange, green, and white are great. White is good for contrast with 2 or 3 bright colors.


parchment paper

baking sheet

colorful sprinkles: a colorful mix or flower mix works

colorful candy: you can also top them with colorful candies any kind you like

  1. Melt candy melts according to the package.
  2. Take spoonfuls of chocolate and put them on parchment paper scooped closely together.
  3. Continue to do this filling up the parchment paper and alternating colors.
  4. Take a toothpick and swirl the chocolate together. You can do this in circles or up and down in lines then across in lines. Here is were I sometimes get too crazy and mess it up. I have the desire to over swirl but then it gets too blended and doesn’t contrast well. Make sure not to over stir. 
  5. Then add colorful sprinkles on top! I had a colorful mix and some colorful hearts. Flowers would look really cute for spring. This is where I over do things too. Don’t cover the entire thing with sprinkles just add little groups of them.

Bring spring chocolate bark with colorful sprinkles

I like my food bright and colorful. This is crazy easy to make and kids can help out too!

Colorful Spring Chocolate Bark


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