DIY Butterfly Headband

My daughter loves butterflies. She has a few butterfly dresses and they needed a cute headband to match them. This was an easy headband to make. We used card stock paper but you could also use felt. Then we added a little glitter glue to give it some more sparkle. She loves this new headband. She had a bunch of plain headbands that she never wears and I thought they could use a little makeover. This is a crazy easy diy butterfly headband. I love that it looks like a little butterfly is resting on top of her head.

What you need to make a butterfly headband:

Spellbinders platinum

Butterfly dies

plain headband

felt or cardstock paper

This really doesn’t even need pictures in the steps because it is that easy. All you need are to do is cut out the butterfly shape. You could do two butterflies or give the one an extra layer with another color. Then you fold the wings up. Glue the body part to a headband and bam you are done! I told you it was easy. The Platinum comes in handy for easy projects like this one. Kids can help add glitter glue to make it a fun craft too!

simple butterfly headband diy butterfly headband craft

There’s my cutie in her butterfly headband. You can tell she loves it!

DIY Butterfly Headband

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