Fiesta Party Printables

Fiesta party printable banner

I’m ready for a fiesta and I made these fun Mexican blanket party printables for the occasion. I have a Mexican blanket that I use for picnics and I love it. The blanket makes it feel like a fun fiesta when we just go to the park. I thought those fun bright colors would make cute party decorations and I was right! I also added yarn to the edges to make it really feel like the real thing. These fun free fiesta party printables are perfect for Cinco De Mayo or even summer parties. I have the steps for you of how to add the yarn with my printable placemats. Here I have banners, toppers, and labels. Print the fiesta party printables on white card stock paper, this paper is thicker and better for printable decorations.

For the banner CLICK HEREĀ 

The banner has ten pieces to it and you can just punch two holes in the top and string them on to yarn. For extra fun add the yarn to the sides to make it look like a real blanket.

Mini mexican blanket fiesta printables fiesta free party printable toppers

For the little Mexican blankets CLICK HERE

These little blankets I originally thought could be used for favors but they are pretty tiny. They are perfect for food toppers and food labels. For labels just keep two of them together that are right on top of each other when printed out. Then fold it on the line in between. Add a smaller piece of white paper in the front leaving some of the colorful edges exposed then write the food names on the white paper. They would also make cute churro or food wrappers lined with some parchment paper. That’s what I love about party printables people can use them in their own creative ways!

I have some longer blanket decorations that are great to wrap around cylinder vases or tin cans for centerpieces. Tape or glue them together with hot glue to get the proper length and cut off any extra pieces. For those decorations CLICK HERE.

These placemats I made can also be used for a table runner. Just tape or glue them together until you get the length of the table, you can print it out as many times as needed. CLICK HERE

Fiesta Party Printables

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