How To Make A Paper Cactus Garden

I love plants but have never been able to keep them alive. I can even kill a cactus, it’s true I have killed about 5 cacti. I made this easy cactus garden out of paper that you can’t kill. The best thing is you can make a bunch of these and you don’t have to remember to do anything after. These are fun decorations for parties or home. You can put the paper cacti in a vase with sand too but I have these fun fiesta style paper printable holders for them. Get the printable CLICK HERE

Here is how to make a paper cactus garden and what you will need:

white card stock paper for the base and print the printable CLICK HERE

green cardstock paper

pink paper or tissue paper



Spellbinders Platinum

Cactus die cut

  1. Cut out the cactus dies on green cardstock paper with Spellbinders Platinum.
  2. Take the printable and cut it out. Then tape or glue the end together. I then just filled it with tissue paper. You can trace around the shape on white cardstock paper and cut it out for a bottom. Then glue or tape that piece on to the bottom of the printable container. 
  3. You can keep the cacti one dimensional or put two together to give them depth. To get them together cut the bottom of one and the top of another one right down the middle.
  4. Then slide the cut parts together and tape them along where they connect. You can also add hot glue to keep them in place.
  5. For a flower on top I rolled a small piece of pink tissue paper about 1 inch long by 1 inch wide. Then cut little slits on the top and spread out those pieces 
  6. For succulents take a strip of green paper about 2 inches tall and 11 inches wide.
  7. Cut slits in the bottom of the paper about an inch apart.
  8. Then take those strips and make them in to a point as shown above.
  9. Wrap them around moving the paper slightly downward as you wrap it.
  10. Tape the end.
  11. Then fold the points over your fingertips downward to spread them out.

DIY Paper Cactus Garden Paper cactus diy Simple Cactus Garden from paper Pretty diy paper cactus garden

They are so cute and I love how cheerful they look with the bright printable container! I hope you had fun learning how to make a paper cactus garden.

How To Make A Paper Cactus Garden

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