Rose Lollipops

Rose Lollipops

With spring right around the corner a lot of people will be doing some spring entertaining. Also right around the corner is the new Beauty and The Beast movie. We are so excited for the movie. It is one of my favorites from childhood and my daughter also loves it. She loves dressing up in her Belle dress and playing princess. I made these easy flower lollipops inspired by the movie and spring! They can be made with differently color flowers for different themes. These rose lollipops look so pretty, kids and adults would love them!

What you need to make them:


fake flowers

hot glue

These cute pops are so easy to make! Take the fake flowers and take all the layers apart. Slide the bunches of petals onto a lollipop. Put a dot of glue on each petal and glue it to the side of the lollipop. Add a second layer of petals and repeat. That’s all you need to do. You could also take the petals all cut separately and glue them to the sides.

Pretty Red Rose Lollipop DIY Dollar Store Red Rose Lollipops Lollipop Rose DIYS

These look really pretty and are fun for party favors or treats!

Beauty and The Beast Inspired Red Rose Lollipops

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