10 Creative Graduation Money Gifts

Coming up with gifts is always a difficult task. I have a really hard time coming up with ideas for graduation gifts. Whether it’s high school or college, kids those ages are tough to shop for. They probably need practical items for life but those aren’t fun to give as gifts. The best gift you can give them is money to spend the way they want. Now you are not going to just hand them a wad of cash. You have to give money in a cute fun way. Here are 10 creative graduation money gifts. They are all fun and easy to put together. Whether it is for your own kids, family or friends they will all love these creative money gifts.

  1. Money diplomas. All you have to do is roll up dollars and tie them up with a little ribbon.
  2. Money bouquet. Wrap dollars into a flower shape like I did with these Flower Napkins. That technique is really easy for making paper flowers. Then add green pipe cleaners on the bottoms for stems. Tie all the stems together with a ribbon and you have a pretty money bouquet.
  3. Money tree. Get fake branches and put them in a vase. Fold up and tie dollars to different parts of the branches to make a money tree.   Money Tie Graduation Money Gift
  4. Money tie. Fold a dollar as shown above vertically with the bottom folded back to make a tip and the top sides folded in slightly. Take another dollar and fold in half with the open ends folded forward and pointing down slightly. Then slip the bottom tie part into the top folded edges as shown above. 
  5. Money in a coffee mug or tumbler, you can add a printable tag.
  6. Money in envelopes with different labels. Coffee money, laundry money, and pizza money are a few ideas.
  7. Money lei or necklace. You can tie dollars onto a lei or some Mardi Gras beads. You can also fold them accordian style and tie in the middle. Then tie that on to ribbon.
  8. For a “rainy day” money. Tie money to an umbrella to save for a “rainy day”.  IGraduation Cap Mason Jar for Money Gift
  9. Graduation cap mason jar gift. Make an easy graduation cap as shown above to put on the lid of a mason jar. Cut a black piece of paper in half then in half again. Use one square for to place directly on top of the lid then the other cut into strips to go around the side of the lid. Glue or tape them on. Add a tassel on top with ribbon or yarn. Then fill with money inside. Bada bing bada boom you are done! 
  10. Money balloons! You can fill clear or colorful balloons with money. You could also add confetti. The graduate has to pop the balloons to get the money surprise inside. You can also do a balloon drop by taping a plastic table cloth to the fan or ceiling and unleash a bunch of balloons with money inside. Also you could have some loose money drop with the balloons. That’s why 1 dollar bills are good for money gifts.Pull down the table cloth to have the money drop!

I hope some of these ideas are helpful for creative graduation money gifts! You really can’t go wrong with money as a gift.

10 Creative Graduation Money Gifts!

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