DIY Washi Tape Bag With Allergy Relief Must Haves

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Spring is my favorite and least favorite time of year all wrapped into one. I love it because, where I live in Phoenix, the weather is perfect! The flowers bloom and we get fields of beautiful yellow flowers. It is also the best time to get outside before the dreaded heat takes over. However, when the beautiful flowers start to bloom so do my allergies. All I want to do is be outside all the time, but my allergies say nope, no way, not going to happen. Do other people have talking allergies or is it just me? Since early adulthood I have experienced seasonal allergies. Unfortunately my allergies affect my ability to enjoy those beautiful flowers and the outdoors during spring. My daughter cannot stay inside when it’s nice out and I do my best to just deal with my constant runny nose.

Part of the problem I have is being prepared for when my allergies act up. Every year I know it’s coming and every year I fall short when it comes to being prepared. That is why I thought it would be amazing to have a little on the go bag for allergy survival. Not only is this bag easy to make, it is also absolutely adorable! As a mom I am taking care of someone else all the time and sometimes forget to really take care of myself. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup and take care of someone else when you aren’t taking care of yourself.

This year I am making my health more of a priority. Why feel crummy when I don’t have to? After taking Xyzal® Allergy 24 HR, I feel like I can finally breathe again and run around with my daughter outside all day! The best part is you get relief within 60 minutes. I can get a better night of sleep due to the relief of my allergy symptoms, and I need every bit of sleep I can get when the little one is waking me up at 6 am. Take a look on the box to see all of the benefits and how to use it as directed to get allergy relief. This do it yourself allergy survival bag is easy to bring with me and if I have my Xyzal Allergy 24HR right beside me in a cute bag I will definitely remember to take it when I need it!

The allergy survival bag is made out of a sandwich size plastic bag and washi tape. That is all you need to make a cute little bag! Absolutely anyone can put this adorable bag together. The bag feels like a little clutch purse, but holds all the necessities for allergy relief. Having everything in the bag makes it impossible to lose the necessities I need during allergy season. I am always misplacing things. My medicines in my drawer get mixed in with all of my other bathroom supplies. Even in my nightstand everything gets mixed together and then I am spending way too much time looking for what I need. Now I’m thinking of just putting all of my bathroom supplies in different color washi tape bags to simplify finding what I need in a pretty way.

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You can get Xyzal Allergy 24HR 10 tablet pack at your local CVS. It is in the allergy relief and cold and flu section next to the humidifiers. Luckily, CVS makes it really easy to find what you need with well labeled aisles.


This bag is the perfect size for all the essentials you will need for allergy relief. To make it you will need:

  • Washi tape in two different colors
  • a sandwich size plastic bag
  • scissors


  1. Start at the bottom of the plastic bag and add washi tape straight across. Let it hang slightly over the sides about a half an inch.
  2. Add another row of washi tape on the bag slightly overlapping the first row, as shown above. Make sure none of the clear bag is showing.
  3. If you are using two colors 2/3 of the way up the bag add the second color. Then continue to cover the bag all the way to the top.
  4. At the very top add one strip of the first color of washi tape.


  1. Repeat on the other side. The extra part of washi tape that hangs over the bag on the sides will stick together. Press it firmly together.
  2. Once you are done covering this side cut off the extra part on each side. Make sure to feel where the edge of the bag is so you won’t cut off any of the bag.


  1. For the strap cut off a piece of washi tape about the length of your forearm. Cut off another piece that is about 2 inches shorter.
  2. Place the longer piece sticky side up and put the shorter piece sticky side down directly on top of the first piece. Make sure to leave one inch on each end of the sticky part of the longer piece.
  3. Take the sticky part and attach it to the bag. Stick one side about two inches down from the top of the bag, low enough down so you can fold the top over it. Wrap the strap around to the back and stick the other sticky part directly behind it.
  4. Take a small piece of tape folded sticky side out and put it on the side of the bag right where the bag hits when folded over at the top.
  5. Then unzip the bag, fill it with your allergy relief necessities including Xyzal 10 pack. The 10 pack fits perfectly in the bag! Zip the bag up, tape the top down on the side, and you are ready to go!


I absolutely love how this bag turned out! Why haven’t I been making my own little clutches for years? This bag is the perfect size for little items for allergy relief. I used bright colors so there is no way I will lose it or be unprepared for allergy season.


After years of experiencing allergy symptoms I have learned all of the necessities needed to survive allergy season. Here is what you need in your cute do it yourself bag to survive allergy season. Many of these items you can get at CVS with your Xyzal.:

Xyzal 10 pack, this pack is the perfect size to fit in your allergy relief bag.

Drops for your eyes.

Lotion because dry skin can accompany the changing seasons.

Moisturizer for facial dryness and around the nose from blowing your nose too much.

Facial tissues.

If you wear contacts like me a contact case and glasses for backup when your eyes become itchy.



What will you put in your allergy relief bag?

To help you out with your shopping here is an easy way to get Xyzal from CVS

You can also stay up to date with the latest products and follow along with Xyzal on




DIY Washi Tape Bag with allergy relief must haves


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