Funfetti Taco Cookies

I love tacos and I love cookies so I just had to put the two together. I made these adorable funfetti taco cookies that have fluffy frosting and colorful sprinkles all in a little taco shape! You can make these will all store bought foods not form scratch or make it all from scratch. I actually used the store bought marshmallow¬†frosting and it was not too shabby. I usually make a homemade buttercream but sometimes I just don’t have time. Lack of time doesn’t stop me from making cute treats though! These are really fun to serve for a fiesta, Cinco De Mayo, or Taco Tuesday fun. They would be perfect for a girls night too. I also like to make real tacos because they are one of the few things that I can make and don’t have to keep looking at a recipe. Not to brag but I am the slowest cook around. I constantly forget how much of what to put in then I improvise and it all goes downhill from there. Luckily these cookies you can improvise with and they will still turn out yummy. Get creative with the frosting and sprinkles! You can do different colors of frosting and any color combination of sprinkles or shapes of sprinkles.

Lets get this party started! What you need to make them:

sugar cookies homemade or store bought you can use this recipe I have for my other taco sugar cookies

funfetti or white frosting


  1. Cut the sugar cookies in half with a sharp knife so they don’t crumble apart and flip them over.
  2. Add frosting to one side with a piping bag or knife.
  3. Put the other half of the cookie on top pressing together the straight side.
  4. Add colorful sprinkles to the frosting.

I have to say these tasted even better than they look and they look fabulous! Life’s better with tacos and sprinkles. It’s even better when you can combine those two into a fun dessert. I am definitely making these funfetti taco cookies again and again for entertaining!

Funfetti Taco Cookies


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