Mother’s Day Gift with printable tag

Mother's Day gift with printable tag

This gift is inspired by my own mom. She is the queen of naps! She has a ton of energy is always on the go when she is awake but she also loves her naps. She is also the master at getting her grand kids to nap. She’s the baby whisperer, it’s a gift! When my daughter used to nap I would nap right along with her. When she stopped napping I went through nap withdrawal! I would get sleepy around nap time and just crave that nap while my daughter was getting into things. We both would get a little grumpy around nap time. I was trying to think about what moms really want for Mother’s Day. I thought a kid free vacation, a mani/pedi, alone time at Target and a nap where the top contenders. This Mother’s Day gift with printable tag is a Mom’s Nap Kit. You can get creative with what to include in the nap kit but I put a blanket, eye mask, fuzzy socks, and head phones. You could put some other relaxing treats like tea and chocolate. This should come with an offer to watch a mom’s kids while she takes a nap. That is a priceless gift! I’m also a sucker for warm and cozy things.

Mom's nap kit Mother's Day gift with printable

Get the free printable tags HERE. There are so many things you can put in your Mom’s Nap Kit it is the perfect Mother’s Day gift with printable tag. You can put items in a gift box or wrap it like I did. A cute throw is perfect for a cute presentation. There are so many things you can include for a perfect nap. A comfy t-shirt, pajamas, soft little pillow, throw blanket, eye mask, ear plugs, headphones, relaxing music, essential oils, and soft socks. This is the perfect gift for new sleep deprived moms. If they are napping alone or with a kid they will want to get comfy! Moms usually have everything for baby but not for themselves.

Mom's Nap Kit Mother's Day Gift

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