Printable Coloring Mother’s Day Gift Box

Little Printable Coloring Gift Boxes For Mom

My daughter loves to draw. We both love arts and crafts we also love to draw. She likes to surprise me with drawings but she is very serious about me not looking. If I take a peak at what she is drawing she gets mad. She is apparently a serious artist! I love her surprise drawings and how much she loves to draw. It reminds me of myself as a kid. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a cartoonist. One summer I took an art class. Unfortunately I broke my arm at the beginning of the class session and had to draw left handed. I have to say considering I am completely right handed my drawings weren’t terrible. My daughter looks like her dad but her personality is a lot like mine. I wanted to incorporate drawing into my Mother’s Day posts since it is something we both love. Also, whether a kid is a great artists or not kid doodles are the cutest! There are tags for Mom and Grandma to put on these gift boxes.

All you need to make this cute little gift box:

white cardstock paper

printable box template CLICK HERE

printable gift tags CLICK HERE



Print out the printable box. You can also use a white gift bag that kids can doodle on. Kids can then draw on the box. Once they are done drawing cut out the box. Fold along the black lines. Tape the tabs in to the inside to hold it together.

Goodies to fill printable Mother's Day gift box Printable Gift Box For Mother's Day

There are gift tags for mom and grandma. This is a little gift so it would be perfect to hold gift cards or little items like makeup or nail polish. Some ideas for a bright gift to put inside: nail polish with a mani/pedi gift card, paint night place gift card, jewelry, make up, bright color candy, and small baking stuff. I think the tags would look really cute tied to a white paper gift bag that the kids have colored on. With a gift bag you could fit slightly larger gifts. Adult art supplies, jewelry, craft supplies, spray paints, journal things, make up, and baking stuff would all work for cute colorful gifts.

Printable Coloring Mother's Day Gift Boxes

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