Clam Shell Cupcakes

Clam shell cupcakes with pearls inside

Today doesn’t feel like summer but soon enough it will be summer. This summer I am moving to Florida by the beach! I am beyond excited to be by the ocean. My daughter and I love to collect shells from the beach. She will take any piece of shell and I’m a little more picky with the ones I pick out. We have a bunch in jars that I still need to figure out what to do with. I think they make cute decorations just like that or maybe we can paint them. That’s the story of my life collecting things for later projects that never happen. She also tries to look in the shells to see if there is anything living inside or a pearl. We have found a few clam shells but nothing was left inside. I thought clam shells would make adorable treats for a beach or mermaid party! These were so easy to make! Since the frosting is on the inside it does not matter if you are a pro at piping frosting. I did use a piping bag and a star tip but you could just use a bag with the corner cut off for the frosting.

What you need to make these clam shell cupcakes:

white or yellow cupcakes, marble would work too since some shells have a marble pattern

blue or purple frosting

small white pearl candies or sixlets

  1. With a sharp knife cut the cupcakes just below the top rounded part.
  2. Remove the top and set aside.
  3. On the bottom part pipe or spread on frosting
  4. Put the top on angled slightly upwards on one side, I had it hang slightly off the back side to angle it.
  5. Put 1 pearl candy in the side where the frosting is showing most.
  6. You are done!

Easy Clam Shell Cupcakes

Just a few easy steps and you have these cute little clam shell cupcakes! I am all about the simple and cute treats. These are just perfect for summer celebrations.

Easy Clam Shell Cupcakes

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