Flamingo Treats

These flamingos are almost too cute to eat but they are edible! I made some cute cupcake and donut flamingos that are super simple to make with printable flamingo heads to add as toppers then pipe cleaners for the legs. They are tall but they have to stand tall like a flamingo to be a true flamingo treat. This is another one that I made a video for hopefully the video will help show you how easy they are to make. I also have some easy instructions for the bodies.

All you need are cupcakes or donuts. I have to say I prefer the donuts with the candy melts but with frosting piping the cupcakes would look adorable!

Get the printable heads CLICK HERE

Cut out the head toppers and add them to toothpicks to put them on treats.

Take donuts and dip them in candy melts. I used glazed donuts. Top with pink sprinkles before the candy melts dry. Add head topper. Then add gold, pink or black pipe cleaner for the legs attached to a toothpick.

Cute Flamingo Donut Flamingo Treats

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